Hi there, I’m Violet.

Warm, intellectual, genuine and a little deceivingly innocent looking, I’m the girl-next-door with a surprising reserve of sensuality and tease.

I believe touch is medicine. And when we come together in a space of mutual respect and safety, the magic of that medicine can deliver things you never even knew you needed.

I am lucky to have trained with one of the best in San Francisco. She served the Bay Area for 10 years and took me on to mentor when she retired.  I flew out to spend time with her and learn.  From her I learned the secrets of tease and I have combined those skills with my own unique style.

My sessions are characterized by deep relaxation, decadent sensuality and genuine connection.  The opposite of cold and clinical, I understand the power of being present and sincere. I am also pretty playful by nature and take joy in drawing out as much sensuality as possible in my sessions.

Together we will go on a journey of touch and pleasure that feels completely natural and exquisitely erotic. That is what I look forward to bringing to you – warmth, sensuality and connection free of acting or routine.

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